Crime Investigating Applications

Track | Trail | Trace

We serve the agencies on several domains and consult them for the cases invloving technical aspects and deliver our expertise for the same.

The Crime Investigating Applications are not for the general public sector, instead are just confined to the law enforcement agencies.

Some of the services are listed below:

1) CRA-I (Basic)
2) CRA-II (Advanced)
3) G-Track - Mobile / Hardware
4) BCRM - Biometric Criminal Records
5) Cell Track Onsite / Remote
5) Onsite Support
6) Case Consultancy
7) CRA Mobile
8) Police Force Recruitment Automation
9) Active Voice Loggers
10) Training (Technical)
11) Criminal Alphabetic Records - (Can be integrated with BCRM)

With our expertise in this domian we can develop and customize the applications as per the need of the organization.

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