GPS - Tracking Systems

GPS Tracker: GLOBAL POSTIONING SYSTEM a revolutionary mechanism that is an aid to the government and corporate sector to trace and locate person, vehicle under deliberation or for normal tracking. The tracking software can be used with varied hardware including cell phones etc to locate the geographic location of the entity.

G-Track has several unique features that makes it stand at par from other services. The solution is available with both the mobile as well as the external GPS hardwares.

G-Track is also being used as investigation applications depending on the cases in action.

Some of the features are listed below:

1) Easy Installation and Friendly Interface
2) Geographic Location of Target
3) High Battery Life
4) History
5) Tracking Services Onsite / Remote
6) Onsite Support
7) Multiple / Group Views
8) Directions
and many more...

With our expertise in this domian we can develop and customize the applications as per the need of the organization.

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